Blåkläder seeks users’ opinions when updating the Flame-Retardant Garments category

The ability to be flexible and to respond to demand is one of Blåkläder’s many strengths. In order to meet market demands, we are currently updating the Flame-Retardant Garments category – protective clothing designed for particularly harsh work environments. As a result of these efforts, there will be more styles to choose from, new functionality and reinforcement in exposed areas, meaning we can offer clothing of an even higher standard.
Blåkläder knows that you have to think about the big picture, but still pay attention to the details. It is not enough simply to choose the best materials; everything must be perfect from start to finish.

“No one is more familiar with our clothing than our end users. As a company you have to take the time to listen and then be prepared to adapt the product to reflect customers’ views. Which is precisely what we have done with our new flame-retardant garments,” explains Anders Carlsson, Managing Director of Blåkläder.  
Flame-retardant garments, together with arc-rated garments, are part of the Multinorm segment. These garments provide optimal protection, comfort and functionality for anyone working in particularly harsh environments. The clothing is often also antistatic and meets hi-vis demands.

“Blåkläder Multinorm was originally launched in 2013. This will be the first updated version, and we are planning to release more new products within this segment over the next few years,” says Anders Carlsson. 
While the new flame-retardant collection retains all the best design features from the existing range, various elements have been developed and improved in line with users’ requests. Among other enhancements, there are more intelligent details, functionality has been improved, and the fit has been updated. Reinforcement has also been added to exposed areas and there are more hi-vis details for greater safety.

“Having our own factories in Vietnam and Sri Lanka means that we have great flexibility in terms of production and can develop new, customised solutions. Something that really is a huge advantage when it comes to product development and innovation,” says Anders Carlsson.
Blåkläder’s new flame-retardant collection is available in stores from week 32.

For additional information, please contact:
Anders Carlsson, Managing Director