FAQ about our products

This is where you’ll find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our workwear and services. Please contact us if you have a question of your own.

What does lifetime warranty on the seams mean?

If the seams of a garment split, we’ll repair or replace it. The warranty does not cover seams that split due to mechanical damage that tears or cuts the seam because of contact with sharp edges or tools, or if the fabric is otherwise worn out from general wear. Please return the item to the retailer where you bought the garment. All garments must be returned to the retailer at the buyer’s expense before a garment can be repaired or replaced.

Where can I download high-resolution images of Blåkläder's products?

To download high-resolution product images, go to a product page and click on the ‘High-resolution images’ tab.

What is EPS format?

EPS is an image format that’s used for offset printing and supports vectorised graphics. Our EPS images are high resolution, 300dpi RGB. The images have crop marks.

What is JPEG image format?

JPEG is an image format used online and suitable for handling in Microsoft Office, for example. The images are low resolution in order to take up as little storage as possible and are not suitable for offset printing.

How do I go about obtaining sponsorship from Blåkläder?

Each year, Blåkläder sponsors a handful of sporting and cultural events. Email info@blaklader.com, tell us about yourself or your team and send us a sponsorship proposal.

Can I get hold of Blåkläder's old advertising films?

We only publish current advertising campaigns on our website, but email info@blaklader.com and we’ll email you old marketing material where possible.

Where can I buy Blåkläder?

Blåkläder products are sold through retailers. For larger volumes please contact one of our regional sales representatives. You can find telephone numbers and email addresses under 'Contact'.

How can I become one of Blåkläder's retailers?

Contact any of our regional sales representatives for more information about our distribution. You can find telephone numbers and email addresses under 'Contact'.

What are your delivery times?

If your store places an order with our warehouse before 9.30 a.m., the items are sent the same day. Delivery times vary depending on what country the delivery is to. It may take longer if the garment is to be printed or embroidered.


Blåkläder has subsidiaries and agents in the following countries: Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Ireland, United Kingdom, Germany, Estonia, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, France, Spain, Hungary, Romania, Iceland, United States, Canada.

Where can I find my nearest retailer?

To find your nearest retailer, please contact our customer service in your country. If we are not currently present in your country, please email our Swedish headquarters at info@blaklader.com.


Contact the retailer where you purchased the product. The retailer will return it to Blåkläder and we will assess the item and replace it if there is a manufacturing fault. It’s important that faulty garments are returned to Blåkläder so we can inspect them and correct the fault in the future.

For more questions, please contact uksales@blaklader.com