Product guide for Blåkläder workwear

Durable and functional yet stylish and comfortable. Blåkläder is for people who want high-quality workwear. We’re serious about our products; every detail is designed and executed with the utmost care to ensure our clothing functions as it should and can handle the toughest environments.

Take our Craftsman trousers; they have three-needle stitching at stress points, applied using specialist machines at our factories. Each pair of trousers uses almost one kilometre of thread. This produces a garment so durable that we provide a lifetime warranty on the seams. It’s just one of the details that distinguish true quality garments from the rest.

Controlling the entire supply chain, from design to production and inventory management, means we’re confident that every item we produce is as good as it should be. Clothes that last longer not only cut your costs, but also reduce the consumption of our planet’s resources. A sustainable solution; for you, us and the environment.

For more information, please contact:
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